Back row: Jack Spang, Michael Rowe, Brandon Stewart, Icaro Souza, Evan Moses, Koll Merriman, Matt Carpenter, Ethan Dickman, Jordan Allen

Middle row: Travis Clark, Kathryn Withers, Michelle Kelly, Patricia Kabagabo, Brittany Neilsen, Dan Gomez, Keegan Mckinney, Jean Twagirayesu, Rhaheem Heard

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Gloucester Biotechnology Academy Welcomes the Class of 2019

September 4 was an exciting day at 55 Blackburn when the 20 Class of ’19 students assembled for the first time. The teaching staff was waiting with a knowing sense that these students were embarking on an education experience like no other.

In their first week each student had a hands-on encounter with DNA, extracted from both strawberries and cod. In the second week they began rigorous skill training needed to produce good data, the key commodity in the biotechnology industry.

During the summer, Academy staff incorporated curriculum improvements, including additional lab math and statistics, improved performance-based assessments, and revamped grading rubrics.The original lab manuals have been revised and printed as second editions.

We have increased the number of regional internship companies to twelve, which will give students more variety when applying for their paid internships. New England BioLabs has generously offered to provide career mentorship, with NEB volunteers coaching students during the academic year and post-graduation.

This year we formed the Academy Alumni Council, which will provide a professional networking platform as well as a feedback conduit so we know how grads are faring.

The instructional staff will again be led by Education Director John Doyle, and include Katherine Dench (Education & Laboratory Coordinator and valedictorian of inaugural Class of 2017), Elizabeth Brannon, PhD (Academy Instructor and Assistant Scientist), Joe Rosa, PhD (protein scientist and volunteer instructor), and Neil Glickstein, MSc (volunteer instructor and Internship Liaison). In addition to our regular staff, visiting scientists and career skills professionals will provide teaching on specialized topics.

Where are these Gloucester Biotechnology Academy graduates now?

Class of 2017

Katherine ‘KD’ Dench: Gloucester Marine Genomics Institute, Laboratory and Education Coordinator

Tyler Favaloro: Roosevelt University, Chicago, for Environmental Science

Geoffrey Fischer: Samplify Bio, Lab Technician and Production Specialist

Madeleine Harlan: Lariat Biosciences Inc., part-time Research Associate

Reynes Moncion: North Shore Community College, for Biology, working at New England BioLabs part-time

Kyle Richard: Molecular Biology Core Facility at Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Laboratory Assistant

Class of 2018

Jacob Belcher: LaunchWorks Manufacturing Laboratory, Field Sales Representative

Jacob Bradstreet-Schwander: Salem State University, for Biochemistry

Sara Corchado: Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Research Assistant

Adam Cox: Medicinal Genomics, Laboratory Technician

Zachary Dench: Gloucester Marine Genomics Institute, Laboratory Technician

Evan Drake: Salem State University, for Chemistry

Brian Hersey: Bluefin Biomedicine, entry level Research Associate

Nathaniel Scaffidi: Synlogic, Laboratory Technician

Lykourgos ‘Louie’ Tzioumas: Adeptrix Corporation, Laboratory Technician

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