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55 Blackburn Center

Gloucester Biotechnology Academy has an innovative facility for operating an innovative school, as well as providing a space that fulfills all of the practical requirements for a working research laboratory.

The Academy is located at 55 Blackburn Center, minutes from downtown Gloucester and the historic harbor. The 3,200 square foot facility includes a state-of-the-art teaching laboratory, DNA lab, computer room and classroom.

The design of the facility draws on the modern trend of industrial design combined with a very open sense of space, using glass walls where possible.


The Gloucester Biotechnology Academy facility design was donated by Payette, a Boston-based, world-class architectural firm that specializes in scientific and medical building architecture. www.payette.com

The principal architect was George Marsh, with assistance from Mike Lee. The design represents the highest standards for a science facility. We are grateful for this donation and believe that the space will be an inspiration to students and teachers. Please visit the Payette website to experience the architectural design and learn more about the space that is Gloucester Biotechnology Academy.


Laboratory Equipment

The Academy is equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation used in modern biotechnology companies. Academy students will be trained on current instruments with methods that are in practice for DNA and protein research. For example, Academy students will be training on a high-throughput DNA sequencer, an instrument that is typically found in elite universities and research laboratories around the world. They will learn how to run the instruments and work with software and sample preparation. Students will also be responsible for proper cleaning and maintenance. Comprehensive training on laboratory equipment will empower Academy students to become more effective technicians -- with an important competitive edge in the job market.


Our mission is to conduct world-class marine biotechnology
research which expands the regional economy.

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