GMGI’s 2018 Science Forum Speakers: (L to R) Rosalind Roland, Keynote Speaker David Gallo, Lone Gram, Mande Holford, Ramunas Stepanauskas, GMGI Science Director Andrea Bodnar, Paul Jensen, GMGI Fisheries Scientist Tim Sullivan, Michael Brosnahan, Diana Baetscher, Leonid Moroz (not pictured Mark Stoeckle)

© Look of Joy Photography

© Look of Joy Photography


GMGI Hosts the 5th Annual Science Forum: A Symposium on the New Biotech Nexus of Marine, Fishery and Genomic Science

The 2018 GMGI Science Forum was GMGI’s largest science meeting to date with over 90 participants. It was hosted at the historic Gloucester House, located in Gloucester’s waterfront epicenter.

Keeping with the Forum theme, speakers presented on topics drawn from fishery, genomics and marine science. Presenters represented the University of California Santa-Cruz, Rockefeller University, University of Denmark, University of Florida, City University of New York, Scripps Institute of Oceanography, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences, New England Aquarium and GMGI.

The morning speaker line up focused on marine biology, fisheries, and aquaculture topics. Rosalind Franklin (New England Aquarium) gave the opening talk on North American right whales and their stress responses dealing with entanglement in fishing gear and acoustic noise. Dr. Franklin also reported on the amazing use of canines to detect right whale feces in the ocean as a tool to track this increasingly rare species.

The afternoon speaker topics focused on microbial biology, natural products and neural evolution. Mandë Halford (City University of New York) gave a riveting lecture on mollusk venoms and their potential as novel therapeutics. The afternoon session ended with Paul Jensen’s (Scripps) talk entitled “Sea to Pharmacy: Sequence-based approaches to marine natural product discovery” which addressed the amazing potential of marine microbes to influence human life.

Following the afternoon session, guests migrated to the cafe for an hour of spirited conversation before the keynote address given by David Gallo (WHOI). His talk on deep-sea exploration combined beautiful imagery with a deep knowledge of the oceans and anecdotes from a career at sea. It really brought the day’s events into perspective.

All in all, the 2018 GMGI Science Forum was the ideal event to establish our research presence, now permanently stationed on the Gloucester waterfront.

Abstracts for all 2018 Science Forum talks will be posted on the GMGI website.

GMGI is grateful to the 2018 Science Forum Sponsors - The Company of Biologists, Integrated DNA Technologies and New England Biolabs - for their support in making the Forum a huge success

GMGI Scientific Advisory Board with 2018 Keynote Speaker: Marc Vidal, Andrea Bodnar, David Walt, 2018 Keynote Speaker David Gallo, Cindy Lawley, Nina Overgaard Therkildsen

© Look of Joy Photography

© Look of Joy Photography

© Look of Joy Photography

© Look of Joy Photography

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