Semester Three: Internships in Biotech Labs

Academy students test their new lab skills in real world biotech labs

In mid-February, Academy students completed their second semester with a final and advanced experiment known as Transformation. The first semester began by extracting genetic material from cod, and in the second semester students transferred a cod gene into bacteria. Instructors looked on with pride as the students demonstrated their new-found skills. Their teachers enjoyed knowing the students were now ready for the next phase of the Academy lab immersion education, the 12-week internships in real world biotech labs.

This year more than a dozen companies in Boston and on the North Shore have partnered with the Academy to provide these important 12-week paid internships, during which the students will be placed in a variety of biotech labs and mentored by professionals. This year’s internships have been provided by organizations including Cell Signaling Technologies, Lariat, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Synlogic, Launchworks, New England BioLabs, MIT and others.

During these internships students will add to the skillset they developed at the Academy and build a network of contacts in the industry. Our Internship Liaison, Neil Glickstein, will periodically check in with the students and their mentors to help maximize this enriching experience. Neil, along with the rest of the Academy staff, will also help students with their job search strategy. Most of the graduates of the preceding class are now working in labs across Cape Ann, Boston and Cambridge.

While our teaching lab now seems quiet without the enthusiastic company of the students, we are thrilled to know they are exceling in their internships. We look forward to reuniting in May for graduation!

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Sara Corchado, interning at MIT

Adam Cox, interning at Medicinal Genomics

Louie Tzioumas, interning at Adeptrix

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