Introducing Carson Berglund, GMGI’s new Director of Development

Carson Berglund comes to GMGI from Cambridge College, where he has served as Vice President for Advancement since 2015. He has worked in fundraising for over 25 years, helping to grow such leading non-profits as Jobs for the Future and Jewish Vocational Service in Boston after starting his career with a manufacturing research unit of the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, DC. A Rockport resident for nearly 20 years, Carson was drawn to GMGI by its mission, which he sees as powerful, timely, and steeped in the long tradition of maritime innovation that fueled the region’s growth for nearly 500 years, from cod fishing and schooners to seafood processing and frozen food.

“To be honest, I’ve followed GMGI since it first came on the scene four years ago because it struck me immediately as a brilliant idea, not surprising given the incredible minds behind it. Of course the sea will drive the next wave of economic development -- how could it not? This community was built on fish and on the incredibly rich culture that grew up around fishing. It has always drawn artists, musicians, inventors, creative individuals of all stripes. GMGI offers the possibility of a future for the region that uses marine genomics research to study the fisheries and put the region at the vanguard of marine biotechnology. How could anyone not want to be a part of that?”

As Carson sees it, GMGI is the perfect capstone to his career because it will draw on all of the areas in which he’s helped raise funds -- scientific research, workforce education, economic development -- and it gives him the opportunity to do so on behalf of a place where he has lived but never worked. “From a personal standpoint, having the chance to be part of GMGI is thrilling because it finally brings together the two halves of my life -- something those of us who live in Cape Ann and commute to Boston rarely get to do. And in that sense, I’m a microcosm of the vision that GMGI offers to the region -- i.e., a new economy anchored by a world-class marine biotechnology research hub that leverages its incomparably beautiful location to attract scientists and entrepreneurs, who in turn spawn new enterprises that offer opportunities to generations of young people trained at Gloucester Biotechnology Academy. And if the research helps to sustain the local fisheries in the process, and creates new jobs tied to the sea for families who can’t imagine their lives without it, it’s a home run.”

Carson lives in Rockport with his wife Amanda Armstrong and their four school-age children, who are now eyeing Gloucester Biotechnology Academy programs with wary curiosity as their father begins work for GMGI.

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Carson Berglund, GMGI Development Director

Fresh caught cod, ready for sequencing

Joining Rep. Ann-Margaret Ferrante and his wife, Amanda Armstrong, at the Rockport Music Gala in 2018

Carson with his family at their home in Rockport

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