Molecular Diagnostics for Fish and Shellfish Disease

Aquaculture represents the fastest growing animal protein sector in global food production. The global market for aquaculture is expected to reach USD 202.96 billion by 2020. However, raising aquatic animals at high density under aquaculture conditions has led to the emergence and spread of an increasing array of new diseases, some of which can have devastating consequences leading to disruption in supply, great economic losses, and negative impacts on aquaculture-dependent communities. As such, there is an urgent need to develop highly sensitive, rapid, cost-effective diagnostic tools to enable quick and effective management of disease outbreaks to mitigate the spread of pathogens. GMGI is exploring the utility of isothermal DNA amplification technologies and synthetic biology approaches to create novel, sensitive, specific tests that could have a significant positive impact in global aquaculture practices, and extend to other important aquatic animal diseases.

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