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Moving Into a Brand-New Marine Science Institute: The List

Previous newsletters have reported on the funding, groundbreaking and construction of GMGI’s new research facility which will be located at 417 Main Street, deeply situated in Gloucester’s inner harbor. Windover Construction has hung fast to the target completion date of September 28.

The next and final step: a complicated collaboration among GMGI staff, Windover Construction, Spry Movers and countless instrumentation field scientists and technicians – all needed to transform this superbly constructed building into a functioning world class research institute.

Besides the normal requirements of moving into a new home (such as turning on electricity and changing the mailing address) the GMGI staff has a more unconventional “to do” list:

1. The Tank room, to house living species: install 18 state-of-the-art aquaria with complicated plumbing and thermal controls. Finalize permits, obtain creatures.

2. The 80 freezers with five years of stored cod specimen samples: remove them through storefront-style windows at 55 Blackburn and relocate them in the new facility. Keep cod specimens protected throughout move.

3. Comcast fiber optic cable to transfer big data : complete connectivity of fiber optic bundle to server room, distribute to data ports. Split off section for phones.

4. The DNA sequencers: Illumina technician uninstalls two instruments at 55 Blackburn, very carefully. Following day relocates to new DNA lab, calibrates for data central to GMGI research projects.

5. The MilliQ water system: install MilliQ water system in walls of the wet lab for continuous conversion of tap water into ultrapure water, required for DNA sequencing and other biological work.

6. Fluorescent microscope lab: unpack motorized fluorescent microscope and accessories from 11 shipping boxes. Carefully assemble delicate components in new home, The Imaging Room.

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