Staff and Advisors

Gloucester Biotechnology Academy Staff

John Doyle, PhD, Education Director
Mark Gasser, MSc, Instructor
Jennifer Hale, Administrative Assistant

Education Advisory Council

Joseph Rosa, PhD, Co-Chair - Director of Protein Chemistry, Biogen (retired)
Meredith Thompson, EdD, Co-Chair - Research Scientist, MIT Teaching Systems Lab and Scheller Teacher Education Program
Christine Shaw, PhD - Professor, School of Education & Social Policy, Merrimack College
Jeffery Silva, PhD - CEO, Lighthouse Proteomics, LLC
Gail Payne, PhD - Scientific Implementation Liaison, N-of-One, Inc.
Richard Safier, EdD - Superintendent, Gloucester Public Schools

Speakers, volunteers

Melanie Scully, PhD - Scientist, Thrive Bioscience Inc.
Dakota Hamill, Co-Founder and CEO – Prospective Research Inc.
Andrew Gardner, PhD - Staff Scientist, New England BioLabs Inc.
Barton Slatko, PhD - Senior Scientist, New England BioLabs Inc.


Our mission is to become a world-class marine biotechnology research institute, built on the rich heritage of Gloucester's maritime history, catalyzing a biotechnology hub that will sustain Gloucester and the Cape Ann economy for the 21st century and beyond.

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