Introducing GMGI’s first summer course for high school students -

Summer STEM: Fish Fraud Forensics

Fish Fraud Forensics is our exciting new one-week laboratory course launching in July 2018, the first of many future summer courses that will be taught in the unique biotech lab at Gloucester Biotechnology Academy.

The Summer STEM courses are designed for students ages 14-18 who want a hands-on research experience, working with modern equipment and using real scientific methods to solve problems.

Our first course, Fish Fraud Forensics, will combine biotechnology and forensics, only this time the CSI team will be investigating a real-world problem about fish: how to identify different species of fish by using biotechnology methods.

Students will play the part of a scientific investigator! Participants will extract DNA from fresh fish samples and then use modern biotechnology methods to identify their fish specimen. Each student will have their own laboratory manual, where they will record their data and observations.

On Friday, the final day of the course, students will analyze their findings and present their results to the class. The identity of the mystery fish will then be revealed!

The course will be taught by the Gloucester Biotechnology Academy staff and volunteers. Each student will have ample guidance and support in this real-world investigation of fish fraud.

Course will run the weeks of July 9th, July 23rd and August 6th!


To register, click on the link below to open the registration form. Complete form and submit
to John Doyle, Education Director

Via mail:

Gloucester Biotechnology Academy
Attn: John Doyle, Education Director
55 Blackburn Center
Gloucester, MA 01930

2018 SummerSTEM Paperwork

Or via email:

Please send a $50 non-refundable deposit along with completed paperwork. Checks can be made out to: Gloucester Marine Genomics Institute


If you have any questions, please contact John Doyle, Education Director at or 978.491.5968.


  • Anyone interested in real-world science and learning in a hands-on environment.
  • High school students, ages 14 to 18
  • There is no math or science experience needed to participate.
    Curriculum will be designed to meet all student needs.


Fish Fraud Forensics is offered in three sessions, during these weeks:

July 9th through July 13th

July 23rd through July 27th

August 6th through August 10th

If more than one date works for your schedule – please let us know.


Tuition for Fish Fraud Forensics: $400, for one student. $300 each if two siblings enroll.

Tuition covers all supplies, consumables, lab coats, and the lab manual which students keep.

We provide need-based financial aid to those who qualify. Please inquire for more information.


As our world and the problems we encounter become increasingly complex, there is a collective need for students to become proficient in applying the skills learned in science, technology, engineering, and math, more commonly known as the STEM disciplines. At Gloucester Biotechnology Academy, our innovative, hands-on curricula provide students with the resources and support to learn all four aspects of the STEM disciplines. Whether they are enrolled in professional training at the Academy or one of our Summer STEM programs, students are immersed in real-world laboratory workflows that are designed to foster critical thinking, problem solving, experimentation, data collection and analysis, effective communication, and a love of science.

All of our programs provide a foundation in the core scientific disciplines of biology, chemistry, and physics. Students learn how to conduct scientific experiments on DNA and proteins in a state-of-the-art laboratory facility equipped with cutting-edge instrumentation. The biochemical engineering and materials science involved in the design of the instrumentation and kits used in the laboratory are explained in detail to clarify their internal workings. Students also become familiar with the practical application of mathematics in a laboratory in order to make reliable solutions and buffers, generate standard curves, and analyze data sets. Our goal at Gloucester Biotechnology Academy is to refine our students’ proficiency and confidence in the laboratory and provide the skills needed to address 21st Century challenges.

Our mission is to conduct world-class marine biotechnology research which expands the regional economy.

Gloucester Marine
Genomics Institute

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